About Us

Aotūroa Skincare was born in 2010 out of pure frustration. While looking for an effective scar treatment, everything we tried did not work as advertised. During this time we sought help from the internet. What we found was an industry plagued with very well marketed products with rave reviews that did little more than drain our wallet. With all the skin care bloggers, self-proclaimed experts, miracle elixirs and snake oils we decided we could do better.

Being an Aesthetician I knew enough that what was on the market was not what we needed. So I decided to find a better way. We searched, researched, and searched some more. What we found is “oil” was what repaired the skin most effectively. Most products on the market were water based. This made no logical sense. The human body uses water (sweat) to cool the body not supply it with moisture. The body cleans and moisturizes with OIL. So going against everything that we are taught, oil is where we began. Oil suppressed the growth of bacteria and moisturized better than anything we tried. Not only did we find a solution to treat scar tissue most effectively, we also found that the oils suppressed the growth of bacteria associated with acne. One thing led to another and here we are today with a complete line of products that did everything we had been looking for. Oil exceeded our expectations and our wildest dreams. 


Skincare designed to be all natural, fragrance free, environmentally responsible, & never tested on animals. Aotūroa Skincare has been designed for all skin types. We have skincare solutions for you, and even free training to help out. If you have a question you can get it answered by a trained/licensed Aesthetician!