Do I need a toner? April 14 2020, 0 Comments


Do I need a toner?, is a question I get asked the most in the treatment room.

Yes! is the answer but if you are you using the wrong toner you could see the wrong results. Lots of toners have a high alcohol content or a heavy benzoyl peroxide to dry up acne. A huge problem I see with this is how much these ingredients can create an overproduction in oil. It makes you feel like you are drying up acne, but you are really just removing essential natural oils needed for healing. Then once you have too much benzoyl peroxide in your system it quits working. Other than making you an oily mess unless you use the toner every day or 2 times a day. It becomes a vicious circle. So to get yourself out of this cycle you need to slowly come off the toner & use something that will aid your skin in healing but it is not dependent on. I recommend a weening process of bringing down these toners to 1 day less a week & replacing it with a nourishing toner like Marinus Natural Toner. You will feel a bit oily at first but let it be. Your skin has been overcompensating oils to replace the ones you have been stripping. Within a few weeks of slowly changing over to using a natural toner, you will start to see your skin balance & your natural glow will start to show through. This means your skin has repaired its barrier & can heal easier as well as not being so dependant on this drying medicine to function. Do not quit your benzoyl toner cold because you will experience a crazy production of oil & probably a lot of breakouts. I love natural floral toners because rosehip can be so helpful in reducing redness & bringing down the inflammation. Toners are great for helping remove anything left over after a cleanse, healing acne, calming redness & balancing ph. Your skin can be very acidic or alkaline after a cleanse depending if you use a cleanser with salicylic acid or something fragranced & a toner can help bring you back to neutral. Also if it smells good it can help with your mental wellness & you will look forward to your nightly skincare routine. Marinus Natural Toner is made with sea kelp so it is the perfect toner for that combination of acne/aging skin, helping to promote collagen, nourish & witch hazel to aid as an antiseptic so the acne clears up faster. 

How & when to use a toner:

I recommend using a toner 1 time nightly after a cleanse.

If you are a sensitive or dryer skin spray your toner directly on 3 sprays should cover your face after a cleanse with reveal cleansing oil & finish with serum & moisturizer.

Combination, acneic or oily skins use three to 4 pumps on a cotton round a wipe over the entire face & finish with an oil-free moisturizer like Okeanos-Sea Kelp Gel.

TIP: this toner can be used as a compress so if you have a blemish coming in & you can just start to feel that tingle under the skin. Put a few pumps on the cotton round and hold & press it to the area for 15 mins. This will remove pain & swelling & should reduce heal time. This is great for bug bites also.