60 Seconds Oil Cleansing Technique April 07 2020, 0 Comments


Oil cleansing came into my life as a new aesthetician but never appealed to me as  I had suffered from acne as a kid from around the age of ten. I had always been taught to foam it up & strip it away! It wasn't until I was a few years into an aesthetic career that I realized duh! Oil & water don't mix. The basics of probably a kindergarten science project. Actually I do remember in kindergarten doing a science project where we had a tub of water & we had to drop items in to see if they would float or sink. Oil was one of the items that sat on top. So if that basic science is applied & oil and water don't mix why have we been cleansing this way for so long. The problem has always been no one wants to oil cleanse because no one wants to feel oily after they cleanse. You want to feel no residue. right? You want the benefits of oil cleansing but to feel clean after. Over the last few years, we saw a crazy amount of people starting to cleanse with coconut oil. (Thanks Pinterest) I found in the treatment room this was not working, clients would end up with a ton of blackheads & milia(whiteheads) & be very frustrated & still dry! This could be a whole other blog post so I will save all the reasons for using & not using coconut oil for another day. So a clean-rinsing oil, this was what I kept hearing & "I don't want to use oil, I'm oily" so after much trial & error we created Reveal Cleansing Oil. This cleanser can work for all skin types. I would like you to only cleanse once a day, at NIGHT! Then let your natural oils rejuvenate overnight. If you are oily in the morning a warm water rinse or Marinus Natural Toner should take care of the rest then straight to your serum, moisturizer & makeup. Now the actual cleansing process. This will be very different for most of you but what you have been doing isn't working, that's why you're reading this. So I introduce to you the 60 seconds cleanse. With all of us singing happy birthday twice to wash our hands due to this unfortunate situation we are in with COVID-19. I think it is perfectly fitting that we start habits of 60-second face cleansing as well. Set a timer. You won't believe how little time you were spending before this to wash your face. This process is done outside the shower for best results & no makeup remover is needed. Put a nickel size amount of cleanser in your hand, warm it up between your hands & apply to dry skin. Massage in for 60 seconds. Spend extra time massaging in the areas you know you are prone to breakouts & clogged pores, like the nose. Then use a clean washcloth, I like white because I love seeing everything it took off, or a natural unscented baby wipe works also, just rinse it out first. You can also jump in the shower for a good rinse. No splashing water all over the bathroom, which always looks so glamorous in those skincare commercials but is really just a huge mess, & is something that clients have told me actually makes them not want to wash at night. I don't recommend trying to splash this one-off, it is just hard to get it all. Almost every new client I have seen for the last 15 years has filled out their intake form in the line where it asks skin concerns? They write huge pores on my nose. Most of the time after analyzation the pores are not bigger than anyone else's the are just full which makes them appear bigger. When you cleanse with oil, oil attracts oil so over time reveal cleansing oil will start to soften that impacted oil & your pores will "shrink" as well as be less likely to have new breakouts because you are sweeping out new excess oil every night. Happy cleansing!