Having trouble with ingrown hairs? March 31 2020

Having trouble with ingrown hairs?

Image by Olga Adomavich

First, let's talk about what you are doing to remove your hair. Shaving, depilatory, waxing, sugaring, threading or tweezing. I think I got them all! Geeze, with all the overwhelming options & products how does anyone choose what to do. If you are a shaver, nothing wrong with that you just have to do a lot more maintenance. I always would go for hair removal from the root, partly because I am an aesthetician & I have seen these methods provide real results. Of course, right now we are all on a stay at home orders due to COVID 19 so no going to the spa, for now!

In that, I want to help you get a clean non-irritated shave. 

Ok, shaving! So if you are going to do this in sensitive areas like your bikini area or even beards. I find that the best thing to do is start with a clean razor(never ever use a dirty razor or blade) & a great buffer, most of those shaving gels you buy at the drug store can be drying & are plenty fragranced to bother even people who are not sensitive. I recommend a cream-based product like our Sweet Almond “ALLOVER” Moisturizer Blend. This will provide great slip & protection.

Step 1 (you will want to turn the shower off for this. Ahem! you should be doing this anyway ;). Apply a light layer to the desired area & turn your razor blade down toward the tub, lightly shave with the direction of the hair. This will trim all the hair down so when you switch directions and shave up the hair will be short & you will be able to get the blade closer to the skin.

Step 2 When all the hair is trimmed down you can apply a little more product if needed & with a firmer pressure, You should be able to go over the area once & thus not create a lot of irritation to the skin.

Tip: If you are planning on going completely bare down there remember to pull the skin up from the bottom of your belly so your skin is taught & you will be less likely to cut yourself.

Then throw your razor or blade out & apply our Marinus Natural Toner with a cotton round or just spray it on the area. This will bring down irritation, balance ph & help heal & soften any old blemishes. Use this same system for beards.

Then we have to do a little maintenance. Don't think shaving and doing nothing after will ever get you results. The thing is you are taking all the live cells off the surface & this prompts the cells to regenerate so they will, & quickly! So, you need to exfoliate, my recommendation is twice weekly. This is a very easy process with our Reveal Cleansing Oil & Supracor mitts. Dispense a dime-size drop to the area by warming it up in your hands & applying, then take a Supracor spa cell over your fingers and work in circular motions for about 30-60 seconds, this honeycomb technology will lift as it exfoliates & it's anti-fungal & antimicrobial for up to a year! Throw away your netted sponge, this is not helping your problem! This 2 step system softens the skin & loosens the hair, prevents it from becoming ingrown again. That's it. Any questions feel free to ask.